Keep the love alive

The month of love has arrived and excitement is high as people are preparing for Valentine ’s Day.
But what will happen when the chocolate hearts have been devoured and the red roses wilted….what becomes of the LOVE??
One day a year is not nearly enough to celebrate the feelings you have for your better half. Feelings of love call for celebration each and every day!

Falling in love is so easy…. It literally just happens!
Keeping the love alive though takes hard work and dedication; or can it in fact be much simpler than this?
While we are in the “in love” stage at the beginning of a new relationship, so many things come naturally.
The boy will shower his new love with flowers and gifts and go out of his way to make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He will shower her with compliments and make her feel more special each and every moment they spend together. He will kiss her with passion and conviction, sweeping her of her feet.
The girl will stare into the mirror every day; just to make sure that she looks her best…just in case they end up spending time together…she will smile at him, laugh at his jokes and gently caress his hand as he tells her how beautiful she is.
Oh, the wondrous experience of new love…but why do we let this go? Why do we settle into our relationship so easily and no longer see the beauty we did before?
We slip into a comfort zone of a relationship and then we forget what we have found and instead of appreciating it we take it for granted.
They say a comfort zone is a beautiful place….but nothing ever grows there.
Don’t let your relationship become a comfort zone!
Water your seeds of love every day, not just on Valentine’s day; remember why you fell in love in the first place.
Give attention to the little things and appreciate your lover each and every day.

Margie Schlebusch is a qualified counsellor, registered with the South African Council for Counsellors.
To book a therapy session you can contact her on 084 677 1016 or e-mail to
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One thought on “Keep the love alive

  1. Lethabo

    Wow, Margie! This is so true but unfortunately we end up getting to our comfort zone and forgetting the first days. You know, always talking about your first days with you partner helps a lot and before you know it, it will be the base of most if not all of your chats. I try to practice it and it works. You also forget to concentrate on things that can spark the “cat & mouse” exercise. Thanks for the beautiful posting. Cheers and alles van die beste….